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Jin Woo Chung, S. Korea

Looking back at my high school years, the most helpful part was living with host parents who really take care of you. I think this provides one of the most important aspect for growth in time of adolescence: attention.

What Our Host family Say

Dan and Sheila Eckman, host parents

Opening our home to host international students has been a very positive experience for our entire family. The sacrifice is small compared to the huge benefit of wonderful friendships and the cultural exchange of ideas and customs.

What Our Agents Say

Jessie, Agent with North American Education and Exchange Institute/Really Life, China

AHLI is a wonderful organization, which has a lot of good school resources. The staffs are very responsible and quick-response. AHLI provides great help and support to our agents. Their staffs always can give your helpful suggestions.

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November 4, 2014

Jungjoon Lee: Eden Christian Academy

Eden Christian Academy is the largest non-denominational pre-K to grade 12 school in the greater Pittsburgh area. It was established in 1983 with 35 students, and now has 650 students. Since its inception, the school has grown to include international students, and the proven curriculum has resulted in high academic achievement which earned the school dual accreditation by ACSI and MSACS. Eden Christian Academy students have been accepted into colleges across the United States and around the world...